Tom Brady to Set Major All-Time NFL Record in Homecoming Game Against Patriots

Tom Brady is getting ready to return to New England for the first time since leaving the Patriots and signing with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March 2020. And along with trying to lead the Buccaneers to a win over his former team, Brady is set to do something very special at Gillette Stadium. Currently, Brady has 80,291 passing yards. He just needs 68 passing yards to become the all-time leader in the category. Drew Brees, who retired earlier this year, is the NFL's all-time passing yards lead (80,358) and is ready for Brady to break the record. 

"I'd be all for Brady just launching the first play of the game, just go ahead and get it out of the way," Brees said, this week, per ESPN. "You said he needs, what? Sixty-eight yards? Let's have New England kick it in the end zone, start at the 25 and have him launch one to Mike Evans and let's just be done with it.  

"There's no doubt I think that's gonna get knocked down pretty quick. I can't think of a guy who has invested more into his career and his preparation and kind of what he's meant for the game. It's definitely a special record because it speaks to the longevity that he's been able to experience and the level that he's been able to play at."  

The all-time passing record is something Brady has on his mind, but winning on Sunday is the ultimate goal. When speaking to Jim Gray on the podcast Let's Go!, Brady said Sunday will be about getting the Buccaneers' third win of the season and not looking back on his time with the Patriots. 


"I'm not going to necessarily reminisce," Brady said. "I don't think this is the moment for that. I'll have plenty of opportunities to reminisce about my football career — none of it, none of which I really care to do right now because I'm so much in the moment. I'm not going to be thinking about 20 years of history. I'm going to be thinking about one night of football, a Sunday night game coming off a really tough loss."