Tom Brady Mocks Peyton Manning With Hilarious Halloween Photo

Tom Brady and Peyton Manning had one of the NFL's most historic on-field rivalries, but now the New England Patriots quarterback is taking the battle to social media. So far, it appears that he has the advantage. At least, his post on Halloween in which he was poking fun at Manning sparked headlines on social media.

In a photo from Halloween, the Patriots' QB was shown standing next to a skeleton in someone's front yard. Interestingly enough, the lawn attachment was adorned in a Manning Indianapolis Colts jersey. "Getting old Peyton," Brady wrote.

As it turns out, Manning is less than one year older than his former rival. Brady was born in 1977, while the former Broncos and Colts QB entered the world in 1976.

This photo was taken while Brady was out trick or treating, presumably with his children. Granted, they weren't in the photo, so the 42-year-old could have been on the hunt for candy while dressed as a stormtrooper. If his Instagram profile is any indication, Brady did not practice on Thursday because he "refused to take off stormtrooper helmet."

Considering that Manning has a good sense of humor, there should be no harm done by Brady's joke on social media. It also helps that they have spent time together reflecting upon their Pro Bowl careers and big games from the past. Granted, the AFC Championship battles that resulted in one QB heading to the Super Bowl and the other heading home could be a sore subject.

For example, there was a conversation that took place during an episode of the ESPN+ series, Peyton's Places. Brady and Manning were shown attempting golf trick shots while discussing moments from their storied rivalry.

Part of the conversation revolved around the RCA Dome, which used to be the former home of the Indianapolis Colts. Brady admitted that he truly disliked going to the home of Manning due to the noise of the crowd. Although he did say that the former Colts QB was "full of s—" when he said that the team didn't pump crowd noise into the stadium to throw off opponents.


As this interaction shows, the two future Hall of Fame QBs have a relationship where they can joke around with each other about their careers. Although taking shots based on age may be a new moment in their friendship.

Photo Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty