Tom Brady Announces Return for 2021 NFL Season After Winning 7th Super Bowl

Tom Brady just won his seventh Super Bowl and is now looking to win another! Shortly after the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LV, Brady was asked if he was coming back for the 2021 NFL season. Without hesitation, Brady said yes.

Yep, we're coming back," Brady said while on the podium holding the Vince Lombardi Trophy, as reported by Sporting News. Moments later, the 43-year-old told CBS sideline reporter Tracy Wolfson he would return, stating: "Better believe it." The start of the 2021 regular season in September, so a lot could change between now and then. However, with the way Brady has played this past season, it would be surprising to see him retire.

Before the Super Bowl, Brady talked about how the challenge of walking away from football. "I think it's going to be hard to walk away whenever I decide to walk away because it's been a huge part of my life for a long time," Brady told reporters during Super Bowl Opening night. "I love thinking about it. Football, to me, is much more than just a sport. There's the physical element, there's the mental approach – how you're going to get the job done – and there's the emotional part. All of those things I've found ways to evolve at different times so that I could maximize my potential. I think for an individual player like myself, as a quarterback, it's never about what I do, it's really always about what we do."

At this point in his career, Brady has nothing to prove as most believe he's the best NFL player of all-time. In his 21 NFL seasons, Brady has played in 14 conference championship games, 10 Super Bowls and has been named Super Bowl MVP seven times. He has also won the NFL MVP award three times and has only missed the playoffs twice in his career.


"I think they're all special," Brady said when asked about the win against the Chiefs. "This has been an amazing year. We got off to a good start – 7-2 – and then had a little rough stretch where we found our identity. Played a lot better football in December and January. Just really proud of all the guys. Proud of all the coaches and the effort we put in. We knew we were playing a great football team tonight and we got the job done. You want to get this far, you've got to get the job done and we did it."