The Miz Says He Deserves to Be on WWE's Mount Rushmore

The Miz is back on top of the WWE world, winning the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber this past Sunday. But should he be looked at as one of the most influential stars in WWE history? TMZ recently caught up with The Miz, and he said if there's ever a Mount Rushmore for WWE, his face should be on there with John Cena and Hulk Hogan.

"I am the first-ever 2-time Grand Slam champion," Miz said ... "That means I've held [the WWE Championship] title twice. The Intercontinental more than twice. The United States champion twice and Tag Team Championships twice. I am the only one in the history of this business to be a 2-time Grand Slam champion. So in my opinion, I'm on the Mount Rushmore of WWE."

The Miz was then asked who should get the fourth spot on WWE's Mount Rushmore with himself, Cena and Hogan? "You can select between The Rock and [Stone Cold Steve Austin] … and Ric Flair," he said. Most fans respect what The Miz has done, but it's uncertain who would be on WWE's Mount Rushmore. In 2012, released its Mount Rushmore and Hogan, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Undertaker made the cut. In The Miz's defense, he was still in the thick of his WWE career at the time, but's Mount Rushmore was voted by the fans.

When it comes to accomplishments, no WWE Superstar has done what The Miz just did on Sunday. As he mentioned, the 40-year-old pro wrestler became the first to become a two-game Grand Slam Champion. He won the WWE Championship twice, the Intercontinental Championship eight times, the United States Championship twice and the Tag Team Championship eight times.

While The Miz is the first two-time Grand Slam Champion, there are a few Superstars who could reach that mark very soon. As mentioned, Seth Rollins and Edge are one more United States title win shy of becoming a two-time Grand Slam Champion. Additionally, Rey Mysterio and Kofi Kingston are a second WWE Championship away from joining the club.


The Miz may not make WWE's Mount Rushmore, but there's no denying what he has done for the company since his debut in 2006. While many Superstars have left and come back during that span, The Miz has been a consistent star who puts in the work.