'The Game' Coming to Netflix, But There's a Catch

Fans of the TV series The Game can rejoice because it's coming to Netflix this week. However, there is one issue that could lead to fans scratching their heads. When The Game hits Netflix on Aug. 15, fans will only be able to see Seasons 1-3. The reason for that is The Game aired on the CW during its first three seasons before moving over to BET. It's one of the many Black shows from the CW that will be streaming on Netflix. The first was Moesha, which started streaming Aug. 1. After The Game, Netflix will then begin streaming Sister, Sister (Sept. 1), Girlfriends (Sept. 11). The Parkers (Oct. 1), Half & Half (Oct. 15) and One on One (Oct. 15).

It is also worthing noting that there were actually recent plans to rebooting The Game for the CW. In December, it was reported the show was coming back as an hour-long series instead of a half-hour. Also, the show was going to be based on the East Coast instead of San Diego. "This time, our out-of-touch old-timers are determined to help a bunch of knuckle-head new-schoolers navigate the ruthless game of football on and off the field," the premise of the show stated. "They will clash through the pitfalls of fame, fortune and love. Some will win, others will lose, but that's what happens when you play The Game."

The plans of the revival were scrapped back in February as the CW decided not to move forward with the show after the pilot script was written. The Game was created by Mara Brock Akil and is happy with the show's run and moving from the CW to BET.

"I'm really proud of the look of our show, that we took a multi-cam budget and turned it into a single-camera show," Akil said to Deadline. "Its look, its tone, its approach, the characters' development — that, yes, we were a half-hour comedy, but we used our moments to deepen the characters. We also offered drama in a half-hour space. And that was my own personal desire, but it was also reflective of what the audience has been wanting, which is more well-rounded, deeper, richer, layered characters, and they got that in The Game." The series starred Tia Mowry, Pooch Hall, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Brittany Daniel, Hosea Chanchez and Lauren London.