Additional Details Emerge on Latest Arrest of WWE Hall of Famer Tammy Sytch

New details have emerged concerning the latest arrest of Tammy Sytch, who is also known as Sunny. According to TMZ Sports, Sytch allegedly threatened to kill her "intimate partner" with a pair of scissors before being arrested on Thursday. The court documents say that Sytch was involved in a domestic dispute with a man that could have turned deadly. 

Police say that Sytch raised a pair of scissors "in the air towards the victim" while threatening to kill him. And officer reportedly witnessed the incident and said that Sytch "appeared to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol." The alleged victim was not injured in the incident. 

Sytch was booked on three charges, including possessing a weapon for unlawful purpose, and terroristic threats. According to TMZ, Sytch is still in custody. She has had multiple incidents with the law in the last 10 years. In July 2020, Sytch was arrested on multiple charges, including contempt/violation of domestic violence restraining order, and operating a motor vehicle during a second license suspension. She was booked at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution in New Jersey and wasn't released until June 2021.

"Where I was anyway, there was no strict format of things you have to do. You could be lazy or you could do something," Sytch said on the Eyes Up Here podcast in July 2021, per Wrestling Inc. " I actually got a job there so I could have something to do. I got the best job in the jail because they trusted me and they knew I wasn't gonna like run. So I was cleaning the warden's office and the lobby and I got to take the garbage out by myself into the parking lot where all the cars are. They trusted me that I was gonna come back and not run down the street."  

Sytch, who was in WWE in the mid-1990s, was known as Sunny in WWE and became one of the company's first "Divas." She managed several Superstars and tag teams in WWE before moving on to ECW and WCW. In 2000 Sytch began to spend time on the independent circuit and was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2011.


"They made me wait 2 months and told me I wasn't allowed to tell anybody," Sytch said in a 2013 interview with about her Hall of Fame induction, per Sportskeeda. "I can't keep secrets as it is. Everything that company does is a test, and I think they did it on purpose. I was the second person that they told, and I was the second to last to be announced."