WWE Legend Hospitalized Due to Heart Failure

A WWE legend is currently hospitalized due to various health issues, including heart failure and fluid in his lungs. "Superstar Billy Graham announced on his Facebook page over the weekend that he was getting ready to go to the hospital due to the health issues he was dealing with. 

"Hi fans, There will be no wrestling post tonight. Just this statement from me," Graham wrote. "I am currently having heart problems which is the title of this message. I am getting ready to go to the Mayo Clinic to be checked out. I am not feeling well and if the hospital admits me, which I am sure they will for future testing tomorrow, I will have Mike, my FB Administrator, give you an update. Superstar B. G."  

Graham's wife Valerie gave health updates to Mike. "Billy's wife Valerie reports that he is in good hands at the Mayo now," Mike wrote on Monday. "They have him on IV lasix to help get the fluid off.....he is in afib and heart failure with fluid in his lungs. They greatly appreciate everyone's prayers and support. Valerie writes "They will take good care of him....we have The Lord on our side!" 

On Tuesday, Mike gave another update. "Valerie reports that Billy himself will post a personal update tomorrow night!" Mike wrote. "Says 'the fluid is coming off slow but every little bit helps. Still in afib as well. They are doubling his diuretic dose for 3 days to see if that works....can't do more because it can damage his kidneys' The prayers and support are very much appreciated. Thank you!" A GoFundMe Page has been launched by Graham to help him raise money for medical expenses. So far, Graham has raised over $34,000. 


Graham, whose real name is Eldrige Wayne Coleman, started his pro wrestling career in 1970. He gained recognition for his tenure with WWE when it was called the World Wide Wrestling Federation (WWWF). In 1977, Graham won the WWWF Championship making him the seventh man in history to win the title. He held on to the title for 296 days before losing it to Bob Backlund. WWWF changed its name to WWF nearly two years after Graham lost the championship. Along with being the WWF Champion, Graham won titles in various NWA promotions. The 78-year-old was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2004.