Super Bowl 2021: Tyreek Hill Details Chiefs' Increased COVID-19 Protocols

Super Bowl LV is mere days away and both teams are preparing to fight for the Lombardi Trophy at Raymond James Stadium. There are obvious COVID-19 concerns heading toward kickoff, but the Kansas City Chiefs aren't taking any chances. The team is implementing strict guidelines in order to ensure that players such as Tyreek Hill are available for the Big Game.

The wide receiver spoke to TMZ Sports prior to Super Bowl LV, which is available to watch online for free this year, and he detailed some of the protocols. He explained that the players can't go anywhere in order to avoid any potential exposure. Additionally, the Chiefs are taking extra steps in order to help their players look good, albeit in a safe manner. The team brought in some specialists and ensured that they have tested negative for coronavirus.

"Yesterday my son had a basketball game and I usually go to his basketball game but since it's Super Bowl week, I didn't even go," Hill said about the team's guidelines. "We can't even do nothing. The Chiefs are bringing in barbers to the facility and getting 'em tested. So, like, they are really following protocol."

With the concerns surrounding coronavirus and a potential spread among players and coaches, the big events will not take place. The traditional Super Bowl Media Night involving a mass of people flocking to a football stadium in order to interview the players and coaches will not take place. Instead, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will host a virtual media day on Zoom throughout Monday. The Kansas City Chiefs will host their own virtual media day on Tuesday.

For Hill, the change completely mixes up his schedule. He won't have to fly to Tampa with his teammates early in order to meet with members of the media and take part in any mandatory events. The Chiefs will simply approach the travel schedule like a normal game week.


"I feel like this year isn't going to be as crazy because we arrive the day before the game," Hill explained. "Last year, we arrived a week early. Doing media every week, media night — which was crazy. It was a lot of fun." Hill continued and explained that the lack of media events has made a direct impact on the practice sessions.

"I just feel like our practice intensity is definitely harder because I don't remember practicing this hard during this time last year," Hill said. "But, this whole process has been fun for me and just being on this team with the brothers and just the coaches, the owner, the GM. It's been amazing. I wouldn't trade it for anything."