Super Bowl 2020: Rob Riggle's Pitbull Segment Sparks Backlash From Fans

Prior to Sunday's battle between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs in Super Bowl LIV, comedian Rob Riggle dressed up like Pitbull as part of his pre-game sketch. The known Chiefs fan is a favorite of those that grew up watching Step Brothers or The Hangover, but there are many that truly dislike his NFL-centric skits. This latest version particularly drew the ire of those on Twitter.

Following the skit that showcased Riggle with a bald head, the fans on social media voiced their displeasure with his humor. They explained that these FOX skits have not been funny since the comedic actor was hired, and they want him to never be shown on the channel again.

"If I had a dollar for every time an [NFL on FOX] Rob Riggle segment made me laugh, I'd be flat broke," one user wrote in response to the video. Another said that these Riggle skits have never been funny.

"I like Rob Riggle in general," NFL reporter Dov Kleiman wrote on Sunday. "I would like him more if he stopped appearing on the FOX pre-game show. Those sketches are terrible."

Riggle has been a part of the FOX NFL pregame show since the 2012 season. He was hired to replace comedian Frank Caliendo, who had spent nine years impersonating his co-hosts and dressing up in unique outfits. Caliendo was a beloved part of this long-running show, and the fans were sad to see him leave.

"Rob Riggle has never been funny. Not once. Ever," one fan commented on social media. Others chimed in by writing that he has been the worst part of the FOX pregame show since he was hired, and they didn't understand why anyone would laugh at his jokes and outfits.

Riggle has certainly created a fanbase with his roles in various movies since he retired from the United States Marine Corps., but those same users are not as supportive of his skits on FOX's pregame show. They want Riggle to focus on other pursuits in the future while FOX finds someone else that can make predictions for the games and write jokes each Sunday.


(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)