Spurs Guard DeMar DeRozan Reveals Struggles With Mental Health on Kevin Hart's YouTube Show 'Cold As Balls'

Throughout the third season of Kevin Hart's YouTube show, Cold As Balls, the topics have been more humorous in nature. In this week's episode, however, San Antonio Spurs guard DeMar DeRozan takes the conversation in a more serious direction. He opens up about struggles with mental health, as well as a tweet that went viral during the All-Star Weekend.

Back in 2018, DeRozan sent out a tweet in which he talked about the pressure getting to him. This generated a number of responses, a ton of support, and helped make him an advocate for mental health. Athletes have been viewed as bulletproof, but DeRozan was willing to speak out about his struggles. The NBA star dove deep into this topic with Hart, explaining the background of the situation.

"I'm hyped. I'm seeing all the homies," DeRozan said about his trip to the All-Star Weekend. "But in reality, I just want to be at home and seeing my kids. I'm seeing myself on the side of the f–—ing Ritz-Carlton, posters and s–. I just want to see my kids."

As he continued to explain, the combination of missing his kids and some things from his childhood became almost too much to handle. That is when he sent out the life-changing tweet and realized that mental health is so much bigger than the sport of basketball. This became especially clear when a man in his 60's thanked DeRozan for speaking out about his situation.

DeRozan also believes that the struggles with mental health actually prepared him for a career-changing move. He was traded by the Raptors in order for them to acquire Kawhi Leonard and make a run to the NBA Finals. DeRozan explained that he was able to handle this situation after dealing with other struggles in his life.

Of course, this was a show featuring Hart, so there were moments where the standup comedian was looking to crack some jokes. Specifically, he roasted DeRozan for wearing leggings, shorts, and a shirt in the cold tub. He also joked about flipping off Leonard when he appears on TV.

Hart chose to address this mixture of serious and goofy by explaining that his relationship with DeRozan is one that provides them with opportunities to have fun and be serious. This was clearly evident when discussing Nipsey Hussle right before "the white lady from Full House."


New episodes of Cold As Balls are scheduled to air each Tuesday on Kevin Hart’s Laugh Out Loud channel. Upcoming guests include Olympic athlete Lolo Jones, former WWE champions the Bella Twins and more.

Photo Credit: Laugh Out Loud