Idaho Plane Collision: 6 of 8 Victims' Remains Recovered, 1 Passenger Still Unidentified

Officials in Idaho have recovered the remains of six of the eight passengers aboard a plane that crashed on Sunday. The victims include pro golfer Sean Fredrickson, his son and his two stepchildren died on Sunday. Two planes collided over Coeur d'Alene Lake, causing the crash.

The Kootenai County Sheriff's Office posted to their website that they have identified five of the six passengers of the Brooks Seaplane, one of two involved in the crash. The plane was piloted by Neil Lunt, a 58-year-old male from Liberty Lake, Idaho. That was the plane carrying Fredrickson, as well as his three children and stepchildren, ages 11 to 16. There was another male on the plane that has yet to be identified, although the detectives are currently working on that aspect. The two occupants of the other plane, the Cessna, have been identified, though their names are being withheld until their next of kin are notified.

A total of three occupants' remains have been recovered, but their identities are not known at this time. Following a coroner's identification, their names will be released to the public. The sheriff's office also indicated that sonar and dive teams are currently working on recovering two more victims, although the depth of the water depth where they were located has made the process difficult.

Fredrickson's wife, April, confirmed the news to Fox affiliate KPTV, explaining that everyone was very excited ahead of the trip and that at the end of the day, "they died doing what they loved" which was simply being together. "I don't know a person that did not like my husband," she continued, noting his "infectious personality" and his desire to try and take care of others. Her daughter, Sofia, 15, was someone who "loved life." Her 11-year-old son, Quinn, "was just always in tune with what I needed." Her stepson, Hayden, had just received his license. "His life was so incredibly good, and he was a happy kid," she added.

The PGA also released a statement after learning of his passing, calling him an "incredible father." They also urged everyone to hold his family in their hearts and in remembering him, to "reflect on the enthusiasm, the integrity, the passion and the love" that he exhibited to his family and friends every day.