Watch: R-Truth Takes on Viral Fleetwood Mac Skateboard Trend

Idaho resident Nathan Apodaca went viral recently when he posted a video on social media of him [...]

Idaho resident Nathan Apodaca went viral recently when he posted a video on social media of him skateboarding and drinking Ocean Spray while occasionally lip-syncing to Fleetwood Mac's "Dreams." Many celebrities and fans alike have attempted to recreate this epic moment, including a professional wrestler. R-Truth made his version of the video and showed off his championship belt.

The WWE star, whose real name is Ron Killings, posted a video on Twitter that showed him riding down the street while "Dreams" served as the soundtrack. He delivered a dual message with the video, adding in hashtags about voting. To make the video more entertaining, R-Truth panned the camera down and showed that he was wearing the 24/7 Championship belt. He previously took the title back from Rob Gronkowski after pinning the tight end in his backyard.

""You better watch your back cruising around those streets Mr. Killings. I live in Florida and I might just know a WWE ref or two. If I catch you on the bike path that belt is mine. 1st civilian 247 European hot dog eating champion WHOOO!" one person commented on Twitter. They know that professional wrestlers have to constantly be on guard against attacks that could come from anywhere.

R-Truth is only the latest person to recreate the skateboarding trend, joining a multitude that put their own twist on Apodaca's original clip. One sipped Modelo while riding on the front of a train while another sipped a martini on what appeared to be a bicycle. The list continues with a person in the Scream costume and another chugging maple syrup.

However, the most memorable recreation came courtesy of someone that genuinely embraced the fall season. This person posted a video showing them wearing a carved pumpkin on their head. This individual skateboarded around before dumping a whole pumpkin spice latte into the carved mouth of the pumpkin.

Following the viral video's original release, Ocean Spray took the opportunity to show support for Apodaca. The company surprised the skateboarder at his home in Idaho Falls with a brand-new cranberry-colored Nissan pickup truck. They went a step further and filled the bed with bottles of Ocean Spray.

"This is from Ocean Spray to you," a company spokesman said after surprising him. "Thanks for keeping it positive... The truck is yours and the Ocean Spray is yours." Apodaca also posted a short clip on Instagram that showed him jumping into the truck's cab and driving away.