Paige Spiranac Reveals Why She's More Popular Than Tiger Woods

Paige Spiranac revealed "two big reasons" why she is more popular than Tiger Woods. It was recently revealed that the 28-year-old is the most followed golfer on Instagram with 3.1 million followers. Woods has 2.7 million, but Spiranac went to Twitter to joke about why she big following, saying it's her knowledge of golf as well as her personality. 

Of course, Spiranac knows she has gained a lot of followers due to her revealing posts on Instagram. But her appearance has given her issues before gaining a huge social media following. On her Playing A Round Podcast, Spiranac talked about how she was turned down by a charity because of how she looked. 

"I wanted to help this charity out, and I wanted to give them free golf clubs," Spiranac said last year. "The guy wrote back and said, 'We would love to but, because of the way our board members view you, you can't help out.' "I want to give back to these kids who don't have anything, because I grew up not having anything, and I can't even f–ing do that because of my cleavage. We bond over having a common interest and we all love the same thing … I don't understand why it matters if you're wearing a polo (shirt) and I'm not wearing a polo."  

Along with her podcast and having a huge social media following, Spiranac is also an ambassador for PointsBetUSA. She hasn't competed in a golf tournament since 2016 but continues to work on her game. 


As for Woods, he's still recovering from the leg injury he suffered in a car accident in February. The last major tournament Woods won was the Masters in 2019, and his goal is to get back in action sooner than later. "I've talked to Tiger a lot," Steve Stricker said earlier this month. "He's a part of this Ryder Cup family; he won't be able to be a captain's assistant this time around just because of his ongoing rehabilitation to try to get better and try to play golf again, and that is going well. He's progressing, he's doing well, things are moving in the right direction."