OJ Simpson Reacts to Cam Newton Contract: 'I Predicted This'

When the New England Patriots reportedly signed former NFL MVP Cam Newton, some Twitter users reacted with surprise. Former NFL running back O.J. Simpson was not among this group. He released a video on Monday and said that he had "predicted this" deal.

"Hey Twitter world, yours truly," Simpson said. "Well, with all of the negative stuff going on in the world today, it's nice to be able to talk a little football. Big subject this week is Cam Newton going to New England. Who would have thought it? I actually kinda predicted that a few months back even though I thought that Teddy Bridgewater would have been a better choice. But Cam Newton is a true superstar."

As Simpson continued to explain, he doesn't agree with the opinion that Newton isn't a "Bill Belichick type of guy." He cited previous signings in Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson and Antonio Brown as examples. Although Simpson does agree that the Patriots head coach and the former Carolina Panthers star will not agree on clothing choices. They will not be going to the same tailor or shop.

"This commentary really cuts to the heart of the issue. Way to take a stab at it juice!" one Twitter user commented. Many others weighed in with some joking responses to the former NFL running back. Although a few did actually agree with Simpson's opinion on the matter.

Simpson's video did generate many joking responses, but his point about clothing choices was correct. Belichick is someone that arrives for games wearing a hooded sweatshirt with half sleeves. Newton, on the other hand, routinely creates conversations with his mixture of scarves, big hats and unique jackets.

As an example of this, Newton previously drew attention when he went shopping at Walmart in a very unique outfit. He wore overalls with no shirt, a scarf around his neck and a funky hat with feathers in the band. Newton also had a stylish bag to carry his money and essential items. He had another scarf covering part of his head.


"I don't wear no outfits twice," Newton said in an episode of Amazon Prime's All or Nothing. "It all started as a dream. Like, I used to fantasize watching MTV Cribs, and I would always love when they used to go show their house, their cars, and their clothes. And it's like, 'man, I want that.'"

Belichick may not be changing his style in the near future, but many expect him to rely on Newton during another successful season. Simpson is among those that believe this pairing will lead to wins on the field. He explained that he believes a healthy Newton will "be big" in New England.