Cam Newton Shocks Walmart Customers With Shirtless Shopping Spree

Cam Newton is viewed as a quarterback that prides himself on creating a fashion statement everywhere he goes. He said as much during the latest season of Amazon Prime's "All or Nothing" that followed the Carolina Panthers through the 2018 season.

During a recent trip to Walmart, Newton proved he is dedicated to his fashion as eyewitnesses spotted the Panthers star quarterback in the aisles, wearing overalls with no shirt, a scarf, and a funky hat. Newton also had a stylish bag to carry his money and essential items.

There are countless images on the internet showing the "people of Walmart" in their various outfits, but Newton's version is wildly different. He is making fashion statements while picking out everyday essential items.

"I don't wear no outfits twice," Newton said in an episode of "All or Nothing." "It all started as a dream. Like, I used to fantasize watching MTV Cribs, and I would always love when they used to go show their house, their cars, and their clothes. And it's like, 'man, I want that.'"

A star athlete wearing an outfit only once is nothing new in the NFL. Hall of Fame defensive back Deion Sanders once said: "If you look good, you feel good. If you feel good, you play good. If you play good, they pay good." Of course, Prime Time was known for his wide array of suits and custom-ordered outfits, whether it was with the Dallas Cowboys, Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Baltimore Ravens, or Washington Redskins.

Interestingly enough, Newton follows this same mindset when picking out his outfits. As he explained, creating that style that he has been known for throughout his career is no simple matter.

"Now, it may sound a little bougie, but everything that I represent, I want to be unique," Newton continued. "Like Gucci hat, Gucci shirt, Gucci shoes, Gucci this, that — that's not creative, you know what I'm saying? Like, I be wanting to create my look..."


As Newton explained, he isn't someone that will simply walk into a high-priced boutique and simply ask for the fanciest item on the rack. He's not going to say, "give me the Gucci or the Louis Vuitton and put it in a bag." No, Newton is focusing on truly making each outfit his own.

Newton's outfit featuring coveralls, a scarf, and a big hat may be viewed as odd especially at Walmart. However, rest assured that considerable thought and effort went into this clothing decision.