AEW Fan Ejected for Transphobic Sign Aimed at Nyla Rose

An AEW fan was ejected after being spotted holding a transphobic sign that was aimed at Nyla Rose on the flagship show Dynamite. Rose was taking on Ruby Soho when broadcast cameras caught a fan pointing the poster at Rose, which read "Nyla Rose is that guy's dad."

Rose flipped the finger at the audience member while her wife went to Twitter, calling Rose "the strongest person" she knows. She then directed officials to the fan, who was removed from the venue. Rose ended up losing the match, which was the semifinal of the TBS Title Tournament. 

Rose signed with AEW in 2019, becoming the first openly transgender wrestler to sign with a major wrestling promotion in the United States. In an interview with Sports Illustrated in March 2020, Rose talked about her reaction to joining AEW. "A few months ago here you are thinking you're this little speck on this giant blue planet," she said. "Now suddenly you're thrust into this position like, oh holy crap, I can make a difference. So I don't take that lightly."

Earlier this year, Rose spoke to Yahoo Sports about discovering her identity as a transgender woman. "It's a little tricky because I've kind of always marched to the beat of my own drum," Rose said. Obviously, being a child, being super young, I didn't have the language to put with how I felt, so I was just always myself. I never tried really to be anything other than myself. If it meant wearing a dress or doing this or that, I just did it. 


"It wasn't until my parents intervened and said that this was the role I was supposed to be in and these were the things I was supposed to do, that's when I started to get a grasp of the language and the gravity of the situation, of what made me different from everyone else. I tried to fit that gender role and cater to everyone else's needs, but I didn't have the language to put with how I felt until much later in life. It wasn't until my late teens that the journey of self-discovery really began."  Rose, 39, won the AEW Women's World Championship in February 2020 and held it for 101 days.