NFL Legend London Fletcher Explains Why Washington Commanders Name Change Is 'Bittersweet' (Exclusive)

Last week, Washington's NFL team announced it has changed its name to Washington Commanders, which led to some mixed reviews from fans. But one legend believes the name change is great for the franchise going forward. caught up with former Washington linebacker London Fletcher, who shared his thoughts on the name and logo change.

"You know, I love it," Fletcher exclusively told PopCulture. "It's a situation where it's bittersweet because we no longer have the name, the Redskins. I kind of got used to The Washington Football Team after a while, but I'm embracing the Commanders, and the new nickname, the new logo, the new uniforms. Man, I think the uniforms are phenomenal. I love they gave us these letterman jackets, they're sweet. I think as fans get used to this, they're going to embrace the Commanders' name."

In 2020, Washington dropped the "Redskins" nickname and called themselves Washington Football Team for the 2020 and 2021 seasons. The team also were allowing fans to submit their thoughts on what the new name should be. The Commanders' name was officially announced on Feb. 2 but was leaked by a local news station the night before.

Fletcher knows a good amount of fans don't like the name and has a message for them. "I would say just give it a chance, be open-minded," Fletcher said. "Continue to support the team. Don't jump off the bandwagon because of the name, because you still have to support the product that's on the football field. And telling you, this is fire gear, the new uniforms, all the branding, the hats, everything is... I love it. Just stay on board, continue to support the team. And eventually, it'll become the normal for you. And you get used to saying Washington Commanders."

Fletcher played for Washington from 2007 to 2013 and made a huge impact. He was selected to his first Pro Bowl in 2009 and went on to reach the All-Star game the next three seasons. Fletcher was also selected to the All-Pro Second Team in 2011 and 2012 and won the Bart Starr Award in 2012. Before joining Washington, Fletcher spent four seasons with the St. Louis Rams and five seasons with the Buffalo Bills. He finished his career with 2,039 tackles, 39 tackles and 23 interceptions.