Ne-Yo Says He Would Perform at Super Bowl If NFL Is All-In on Black Lives Matter Movement

Ne-Yo would love to perform at the Super Bowl, but the NFL would have to do something first. The 41-year old singer, actor and producer was on Fox Soul's The Mix and was asked if he would want to perform at the NFL's championship game. He said the "terms would have to be right" for that to happen when it comes to the Black Lives Matter movement.

"Once they left people alone about wanting to kneel if they feel like kneeling and all that, then sure," Ne-Yo said to the panel. "It's slightly bigger than that for me. I can't have them on the social injustice thing that they was on for as long they was and then go in there and be like, 'Hey, let me do a show.' I need y'all to got y'all mind right first." Ne-Yo went on to talk about how the NBA dedicated the 2019-2020 season to the Black Lives Matter movement. He would love to see the same thing for the NFL.

"Every team in the NBA had on Black Lives Matter," Ne-Yo stated. "They made sure that you saw it. They made sure that it was a moment, and yet [Colin] Kaepernick can't still get a job. That makes no sense." Ne-Yo has been outspoken this summer about the Black Lives Matter movement. While on The Talk back in June, Ne-Yo talked about how the protests need to keep going after the death of George Floyd.

"I don't know what made this one different," he said, as reported by Yahoo Sports. "For Black people, I think it was just a matter of, we fed up. We tired of a Black person dying being the trending topic every week. We're tired of it and we're not going to take it anymore. I'm happy that there's change happening, slowly but surely, but slowly is kind of the keyword... there is slight progress happening, so I'm happy about that."

The NFL recently announced that The Weeknd would perform at Super Bowl LV as he will headline the Halftime Show. As for Kaepernick, he's still a free agent, and there has been no indication that a team is looking to sign him. He hasn't played in the league since the end of the 2016 season after kneeling during the national anthem the entire year.