NASCAR: Bubba Wallace Appears to Pass out During Post-Race Interview Due to Heat Exhaustion

Sunday afternoon, Bubba Wallace frightened NASCAR fans after the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500. He had taken part in the Georgia-based race while dealing with temperatures in the mid-80s and southern humidity, which caused some issues. The 26-year-old passed out during a post-race interview.

The incident occurred after he finished a three-plus-hour race. Wallace fell to the ground after finishing 21st, forcing him to sit down for a period of time. However, he had reportedly recovered prior to an interview with FOX's Jamie Little. She asked him about NASCAR recognizing racial injustice, but Wallace did not fully answer. He uttered a few words and then passed out again.

"I don't even know. Long race I guess," Wallace said about passing out the first time. "I stood up too fast. Well, I guess I was told I was going to do media, and sat down and got up too fast, and I got dizzy, got lightheaded. I feel fine now. Quick scare for everybody." He then passed out again.

FOX cut away from the live feed as viewers worried about Wallace. PRN, the radio network covering the Folds of Honor QuikTrip 500, said that he was ok. Medical professionals also reportedly took Wallace to the infield care center. Little said, "he's not ok" before the feed went back to the studio.


"Got sent to the Gulag.. Won that... Where we dropping. Aka I'm good," Wallace tweeted after the race. This comment, which sparked angry responses on Twitter, referenced the video game "Call of Duty: Warzone" and the Battle Royale mode. When players die during the early stages of the match, they earn one opportunity to visit the Gulag and fight for a second chance. Wallace has played a significant amount of this game and was able to take part once again following the race in Atlanta.

Wallace was not the only driver that dealt with issues due to the heat and the length of the race. FOX cameras also showed veteran driver Ryan Newman post-race. He sat against the concrete wall while trying to get fluids back into his system. The commentators and viewers alike proclaimed that Newman appeared to be very dehydrated and exhausted after the grueling race. They also expressed concern about possible heatstroke.