Mike Tyson to Serve as Motivational Speaker for Alabama Football

Alabama Football has just found a new athlete to serve as a motivational speaker. After losing to Clemson in the National Championship, the Crimson Tide needed someone to take them over the top and reinject that killer instinct into the program. Fortunately, there is one man that is capable of fulfilling that task. Yes, Mike Tyson will be serving as a motivational speaker for Alabama.

Thursday, Cecil Hurt of the Tuscaloosa News revealed that Iron Mike would indeed be the motivational speaker for the evening. The host of the Hotboxin' Podcast and one of the most iconic fighters in boxing history will be talking to the football players and trying to help them get back on the path to another championship run.

Why would Tyson be the top choice to serve as a motivational speaker? After all, he is the man that spent three years in jail in the early 1990s after being convicted of rape. He also was no stranger to controversy due to his lawsuit against boxing promoter Don King in which he alleged that King had cheated him out of millions of dollars over the course of a decade.

Well, one reason for Tyson being chosen as Alabama's motivational speaker is that he once dropped a quote that has been used thousands of times throughout football history, whether in high school, college, or the NFL. As Tyson famously said, "Everyone has a plan 'til they get punched in the mouth."

Essentially, every team in football comes into the game thinking that they will "establish the run" or "shut down the passing attack." Solid plans overall, but they only last for a brief amount of time. Once the physical nature of the game takes hold and players start dealing with brutal hits, the plans go out the window. Will Tyson be the one that helps Alabama create alternate strategies for such occasions?


Additionally, Tyson has fought through a staggering amount of adversity throughout his life to find success. He returned to the boxing ring after his stint in prison and proved that he was still one of the top athletes on the planet by capturing the WBA and WBC belts. Tyson also has released two books and has launched his own YouTube channel and podcast.

He isn't fighting in the ring, but he is still finding success in life. Maybe Tyson can teach Alabama Football a thing or two during his talk on Thursday.