Mike Tyson Weighs in on Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather Fight

Mike Tyson didn't flinch when asked about the impending fight between Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather on Saturday, June 6. Speaking with a TMZ photographer, Tyson weighed in on the upcoming fight and who he thinks will win. The result isn't positive for Paul, but Tyson did say he still loved the YouTube celebrity.

Asking Tyson what he thinks will happen, the camera person opens for the former champion to put it bluntly. "No. He's gonna get beat up pretty bad," Tyson tells the reporter, later adding that he hates to see it because he "loves" the Paul brothers.

Tyson's connection to the Paul brothers lands you July 2020 where Jake Paul's bout with former NBA star Nate Robinson was on the undercard of Tyson vs. Roy Jones Jr. Despite being pushed back to November due to the pandemic, the two shared a card and Tyson later praised Paul as being good for boxing during an episode of his Hot Boxin' show.

"That's why that stuff is good," Tyson said, according to Dextero. "Because the real [boxers] don't want to fight each other. Jake Paul fought on my show because he got 75 million viewers. He's good for boxing. Is he kinda ridiculous? Yeah. But is he good for boxing? F— yeah. Boxing needs s— like that."

The praise aside, the Paul brothers have created an interest in them entering the ring. Jake Paul's win over Ben Askren was questionable in the eyes of many, but the spectacle and money involved seems to support Tyson — and the WBC president — when praise is dropped on them.

Aside from the fights, controversy is always a step away for Jake and Logan Paul. Logan Paul's Japan excursion is still fresh in many minds, but Jake Paul had quite the 2020 in terms of controversy. Not only did he spread misinformation about the COVID-19 pandemic, he also became a flashpoint in the BLM protests following the murder of George Floyd and has recently been hit with sexual misconduct allegations.


Both Paul brothers also made a spectacle at the preliminary face-off between Logan and Mayweather. Not only was there shoving and punches thrown amid the trash talk in Miami. Jake Paul even stole Mayweather's hat, intensifying things between the YouTube stars and the boxing icon.

Even if it all turns out to be scripted for maximum entertainment, the fight is happening one month from now. And then a Jake Paul fight could follow. Then you never know, a comet could collide with the planet. That'd be something.