Jake Paul Celebrates Floyd Mayweather Brawl With Mocking Tattoo

Jake Paul and Floyd Mayweather have been making headlines recently after the YouTuber and retired boxer went at it in a verbal altercation in Miami, and now Paul has something to remember the moment by. The two shared a heated exchange at Miami Gardens where Mayweather and Paul had their first faceoff before their exhibition fight on June 6. At one point, Paul stole Mayweather's hat and ended up marking it in permanent ink on his leg so he'll forever remember the moment.

Paul took to Instagram to show off the new tattoo that he got, all while eating a sandwich simultaneously. The 24-year-old was sporting sunglasses, a blue hoodie and blue shorts as he looked casual and nonchalant. Unphased by the fact that he's about to go up against a boxing legend, Paul seems quite confident he can take on Mayweather after his recent successes.

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While Paul and some of his fans found the incident hilarious, Mayweather did not. As soon as Paul stole his hat, bodyguards and Mayweather both went after him and after he got his hat back, the boxer went on to express his frustration towards Paul. However, those who follow Paul weren't completely surprised he went for Mayweather's hat because he took to social media just before the moment happened and told his followers he was planning on taking his hat.

"If I caught Floyd with one punch — one punch — I would snap this f—er in half," he said during an interview in 2020. "Let me tell you this, if I caught Floyd in a real fight, street fight, whoop his ass! No question." He then continued with, "MMA? Octagon? Whoop his ass! The only place I think Floyd is safe obviously is the boxing ring, but to be honest, I don't give a f—! I don't give a f—! I would fight Floyd anytime, anywhere, any place. Doesn't f—n matter to me. I'm 8 inches taller, I'm 40 pounds heavier, I'm half his age, I'm 2 times as hungry and 10 times as smart."


Over the last couple of years, Paul has been catching eyes and ears when it comes to his skills inside a ring. He's already had a number of fights and a number of wins that have forced an audience to question his talents. Now he's set to take on Mayweather June 6 at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami and will air on Showtime pay-per-view and Fanmio.