Michael Strahan Sends Strong Message to Dwayne Haskins Before Being Cut by Washington Football Team

Michael Strahan did not hold back when talking about Dwayne Haskins. The former NFL star and current co-anchor of Good Morning America sent a strong message to the former Washington Football Team quarterback on Fox NFL Sunday this week. Strahan's message came before the team cut Haskins due to his poor play and off-the-field incidents.

"It bothers me. Makes me mad," Strahan said on Fox NFL Sunday. "You work so hard to get to a certain point in your life. You wanted to make it to the NFL. Now you're in the NFL and a lot of guys think, 'Oh, I'm drafted. I'm in the NFL. I've made it.' No, you haven't. You're just in the NFL. And this goes as quickly as it comes your way." Strahan, who played 15 years in the NFL, went on to say the NFL is not going to "babysit" anyone because the players are adults.

"They will not babysit a grown man," he said. "So the more of these things that you keep on doing, the less patience that Washington is going to have with you, which in turn means the rest of the league isn't going to want you either. And one day, you're going to find yourself sitting on the couch. You're going to be in your mid-20s, late 20s, and you're going to regret not doing what you needed to do to be the best that you can be at something you're so talented at. And you're going to waste your talent, and you're going to watch guys who weren't as talented as you, weren't picked as high as you. You're going to watch them compete and play and do things that you could have done. So get it together because there are no more excuses."


Before getting cut, Haskins was fined $40,000 by Washington for a maskless party he attended. The team also removed his captain status and benched him during Sunday's game against the Carolina Panthers after throwing two interceptions and posting a passer rating of 36.9. Haskins was looked at as Washington's future, as he was drafted No. 15 overall in 2019. However, the Ohio State alum has yet to adjust to the NFL lifestyle, which has led to him now looking for a new team.