Mexican TV Host Who Proposed to Tom Brady on the Run for Allegedly Embezzling $146 Million

A Mexican TV host who is known for proposing to Tom Brady in a wedding dress is reportedly on the run for embezzlement. According to the New York Post, Ines Gomez Mont and her husband, Victor Manuel Alvarez Puga, are accused of embezzling nearly three billion pesos ($146 million) from the Ministry of the Interior in 2016 and 2017. The couple reportedly fled Mexico one week after a federal judge issued warrants for their arrest. 

Gomez Mont and Alvarez Puga are believed to be the United States according to Vice. In an Instagram post, Mont wrote that she and her husband  "have not had access to that warrant, nor the proof that justifies it," adding that they are preparing to face this process and exercise all our rights." If convicted, Gomez Mont and Alvarez Puga could face between 20 and 60 years in prison.

Gomez Mont proposed to Brady in 2008 during a press conference for the Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and New York Giants. She told the current Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback that she loved him, but the problem was Brady was dating Gisele Bundchen at the time. Brady and Bundchen got engaged in January 2009 and tied the knot the following month. When Brady turned down Gomez Mont, she then moved on to Giants quarterback Eli Manning by wearing a "Marry Me Manning" shirt. 

"Brady I'm in love with you," Gomez Mont said to Brady during the press conference. Brady replied, "are you really?"  before Gomez Mont asked him to marry her. "I am a one-woman man," Brady replied adding, "but you are beautiful and anyone with the opportunity to marry you would be a lucky man."

While Gomez Mont is reportedly on the run, Brady and the Buccaneers and rolling as they have won their first two games of the 2021 season. However, they have a tough matchup on Sunday when they take on Matthew Stafford and the also undefeated Los Angeles Rams in L.A.

"This week is really challenging because they've got good players in the secondary, they have a good front and we lost to them last year," Brady said on the Buccaneers' official website. "They're one of the top-rated defenses in the league. They have one of the greatest defensive players of all-time. Everything about this week is challenging – really good defense, really good offense, we've got a long way to travel. It's a big game for both of us."