Megan Rapinoe Reacts to Capitol Riots: 'This Is America'

Megan Rapinoe has often spoken out about the issues going on in the United States and when the riots at the U.S. Capitol took place last week, the soccer star did not hold back. Rapinoe spoke to reporters about the incident while getting ready for a new season with the U.S. women's national soccer team. And based on past events, Rapinoe is not surprised about what happened.

“This is America," Rapinoe said, as reported by USA Today. "Make no mistake about it. I think we showed very much our true colors. This is not the first time we've seen a murderous mob like that. Unleashing a white supremacy mob is nothing new to America as people of color, Black and Brown, know that very well." Rapinoe also said what happened at the U.S. Capitol was "very unsettling and scary."

“It's just striking how horrible it was, and just how insane,” Rapinoe said. "It was from the climate in our country being such that we have our political leaders — our chief political leader — inciting an actual, real-life murderous and deadly insurrection against his own government, against his own people, against his own party."

President Donald Trump has been blamed for the riots, and Congress is looking to get him out of office before his term expires on Jan. 20. Trump supporters were at the U.S. Capitol to protest Joe Biden's win in the presidential race. At the time, Congress was meeting to confirm Biden being the next President of the United States.


Rapinoe is known for kneeling during the national anthem shortly after former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick took a knee to protest racial injustice and police brutality. The 35-year old soccer star said she is very proud of her teammates for being more active in social issues.

"I have a huge amount of pride and respect for so many people going through their journey and learning and growing and feeling more comfortable speaking out about things," she said. "What we saw through the summer and through the pandemic with the protests, hopefully, a lot of people’s eyes are opened up. Particularly my fellow white teammates. It is, in fact, our responsibility to stand in unity with our Black teammates to make them feel that this is an open space to talk about things."