US Capitol on Lockdown Amid 'Complete Chaos' as Trump Supporters Mob the Area While Congress Counts Electoral College Votes

A chaotic scene broke out at the U.S. Capitol on Wednesday. Multiple reporters have said that the U.S. Capitol building is on complete lockdown now as President Donald Trump's supporters, who gathered in order to protest the outcome of the election as Congress voted to certify President-elect Joe Biden's win, have broken into the location. On social media, many of those reporters have even posted photos and videos of those very protestors breaking into the Capitol, with NBC News journalist Jake Sherman even writing that they were "under siege."

As numerous outlets and journalists reported on Wednesday, Trump supporters broke down multiple barriers of security fencing in order to enter the Capitol. The president's supporters are reportedly attempting to occupy the building and are fighting against federal police in order to do so. The crowd of Trump supporters is estimated to be in the thousands. The Hill reported that the Capitol was subsequently placed into lockdown amid these increasingly violent protests. Additionally, they have evacuated multiple congressional buildings. They are reportedly evacuating the Library of Congress' Madison Building, which is across from the Capitol, and the Cannon House office building.

Police have reportedly told occupants of the Madison Building to "move in a safe manner to the exits" and to "close doors behind you but do not lock," as stated in an alert sent to Hill staffers. Authorities have told Cannon House occupants to "take visitors, escape hoods, and Go Kits" and to report to a tunnel that is connected to a nearby building. The Hill reported that the police told one reporter, "If you want to go between the buildings, use the tunnels." When asked how long this lockdown will be in place, the police officer said that it would depend on the nature of the Trump supporters at the scene.

Many of the Trump supporters at the Capitol gathered in order to protest Congress' certification of Biden's win. Over the past several weeks following the election, Trump has, without evidence, claimed that there was widespread voter fraud that led to his loss. However, it should be noted that there is no evidence to suggest that is the case.


Despite frequently sharing his disapproval for the election's outcome and Congress' certification of the results, the president did take to Twitter on Wednesday afternoon in order to urge his followers to support law enforcement in the area. He ended his message by asking his supporters to "Stay peaceful!"