YouTuber Logan Thirtyacre Pays $800K to Have Dinner With Tom Brady

The identity of the person who paid $800,000 for Tom Brady's All In Challenge is now known. According to TMZ, YouTube star Logan Thirtyacre won the bid to eat dinner with the six-time Super Bowl champion. Also known as "SuperBrowserLogan," Thirtyacre has made a lot of money creating multiple YouTube channels based on his love for Super Mario video games. TMZ reported Thirtyacre was making close to $1 million a month in revenue.

TMZ also confirmed Thirtyacre made his payment in full, so he's all set to eat dinner with Brady when the time is right. Along with dinner, the package includes tickets to an upcoming Tampa Bay Buccaneers game and Brady's game-worn-jersey. Thirtyacre is a die-hard Brady fan and attended the Super Bowl a few years ago when the New England Patriots rallied to beat the Atlanta Falcons. Thirtyacre wanted the opportunity to eat dinner with Brady and would have paid any price to win the auction.

"As a fan, you've watched him dominate the NFL with his six Super Bowl Championships, four Super Bowl MVPs, and many more impressive accolades, and now you can watch him take his talent down South," the official All In Challenge website stated. "You'll get to join Tom in this historic and unprecedented experience by attending (with three friends) his first game with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, in addition to either a private dinner or a private workout with Tom himself - the choice is up to you and your friends! After every awe-inspiring moment with this modern legend, you'll get to take home his first game-used uniform and cleats to display and cherish with your other Brady memorabilia. A moment like this doesn't often happen in sports, and now you can be a piece of it and all its glory."

Brady is ready to meet his superfan and for the 2020 season to begin. He will join the Bucs after spending the last 20 years with the Patriots. Some fans were surprised to see Brady leave, a place the QB called home for two decades. However, Brady is entering a situation where he has young talent around him, and Rob Gronkowski will be by his side as he was traded from the Pats to the Bucs in April.