Lindsey Vonn Gets Candid About Her 3-Year Relationship With Tiger Woods

Lindsey Vonn is getting candid about her personal life, specifically her relationship with Tiger Woods. The 37-year-old Olympic skier recently spoke to Rachel Smith of Entertainment Tonight and was asked about her relationship with Woods. Vonn told Smith being in a public relationship has taught her about what to keep private and what to share with the world. 

"I just think, generally, it's really difficult to date anyone in the public eye, and I've always been a really open person," Vonn said of their time together. "But I think I learned that there's some things that need to be kept private," Vonn shares while chatting about her book. "And as much as I didn't want to share everything that makes me happy and all the fun times that I had, that's also just for me and my partner, and I didn't need to share that. So it's difficult, obviously, being in this position because everyone wants a scoop and no one wants to know what I'm doing."

Vonn and Woods began dating in March 2013 and split in May 2015. Vonn talked about the golf star's car accident, which happened in February of last year, and revealed how happy she is that he is getting better. "We are friends and, of course, I'm happy that he is back and healthy," Vonn said. "And, you know, it was a tough time for him. So I am just happy that he is back with his kids."

Woods is currently dating Erica Herman, and the relationship began in 2017. Vonn was recently engaged to hockey star P.K. Subban, but the couple broke up in December 2020. She was married to former skier Thomas Vonn from 2007-2013. 


"Being an athlete and focusing 100 percent on my skiing, being in a relationship was difficult because I didn't really want to fight or argue," she explains. "So I just kind of compromised and I was like, 'I'm traveling to them and I'm doing want they want to do too, and I'm having what dinner they want to have.' I wanted to please and I just sacrificed myself.  "I didn't really talk more about it because I don't think it's worth the pages. I'm stronger and I'm better and I've learned from my past and I've learned from my relationships."