LeBron James Breaks Into Song Over Xbox Series X

The next generation of video game consoles released on Tuesday and Thursday, creating excitement among fans of Microsoft and Sony. The Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 consoles are very difficult to procure due to various reasons, but LeBron James received his courtesy of Microsoft. He celebrated by breaking into song.

The Los Angeles Lakers star posted a video on his Instagram Stories that showed him examining the new addition to his entertainment center. "I care for you," he sang while panning to show the two Xbox Elite controllers, the console, a GamePass card, a permanent marker and another controller. Fans saw the video and responded in a few different ways. Some said that the PlayStation 5 is "way better" while others said that the NBA champion would "cheat" while playing online. A few said that he didn't need the new console given his level of wealth.

"And the rich keep getting richer," one person commented on Twitter. There were several that asked why James was getting special consoles mailed to him considering that both the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5 have been very difficult to track down. Although the majority of people commenting simply wanted to argue about the consoles and which is better.

James is not the only high-profile figure getting the new console while others wait in line to purchase it. For example, rapper Snoop Dogg received one inside a custom Xbox Series X. Microsoft also sent him a birthday cake. This gift prompted questions about celebrities asking for free handouts, as well as a response from the head of Xbox Phil Spencer.

"Snoop's been with us for a long time," Spencer said on the Dropped Frames podcast. "People who follow us they know." He continued and revealed that some celebrities reach out and ask for free consoles and other gifts. Microsoft doesn't bend the knee and immediately give them special treatment. Spencer and his team actually take a different approach.


"I will say the amount of free stuff that rich people want is crazy," Spencer continued. He said that he tells celebrities that their "free" consoles went to the Boys and Girls Club before sending them a link to a retailer. "Rich people want a lot of free stuff, but I want the consoles to go where they should go. I'll just leave it at that," he said.