'Lazur Wulf': Big E's 'New Day' Teammates Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods Will Join Him in Season 2

The New Day is reuniting for the animated series Lazur Wulf. The Adult Swim series will return for a season second on Dec. 6, and Big E (real name Ettore Ewen) voices the character Canon Wulf. This season, his New Day teammates, Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, will provide guest voices. There's no telling who the pair will play in the strange show, but they will surely have a memorable time, much like Big E has on the program.

"I got incredibly lucky," Big E said in a 2019 interview with ComicBook.com about the show. "Pretty much, I just got a call from our office at WWE talent relations. They told me, 'Hey, the guys from Adult Swim from this project Lazur Wolf and wanted you to be a part of it.' A lot of times, stuff like that we'll try to do stuff our own and just reach out and do stuff like this."

The New Day is one of the most successful tag teams/groups in WWE history. However, the crew was broken up at the WWE Draft in October when Big E was selected to SmackDown while Kingston and Woods were selected to Raw. Currently, Kingston and Woods are the Raw Tag Team champions, while Big E is looking to do big things as a singles competitor. All three got together at Survivor Series and dressed up in Gears of War attire as they are featured in the Xbox game Gears 5.

"Those are my real-life brothers. No, we're not related by blood, but our bond is thicker than that," Woods said in an interview with Bleacher Report. "So, the fact that we all three get to be in it and all three get to be represented and just another piece of the puzzle to our journey that we're going through together, it's awesome that we constantly get to keep pushing the boundaries for what sports entertainers, pro wrestlers—whatever you want to call us—continue to push the boundaries for what people believe we should be and the box we should be in."

The New Day holds the record for the longest tag team championship reign in WWE history (483). Big E, Kingston and Woods have won the Raw Tag Team Championship three times and the SmackDown Tag Team Championship seven times. Kingston is also a successful singles competitor, being the 20th grand slam champion in WWE history.