Kobe Bryant: Amy Schumer Defends Gayle King Amid Sexual Assault Interview Question Controversy

Amy Schumer made an Instagram post defending Gayle King on Saturday, as the reporter continues to take criticism for bringing up Kobe Bryant's past rape allegations. Schumer shared a photo of King with a message of solidarity, saying she "fiercely" supports her in this difficult time.

Schumer called King "one of the most beloved journalists, mothers and friends of our time" in her post on Saturday. The comedian has been a staunch supporter of women throughout the Me Too movement in recent years, and clearly feels that King's question was not over the line. She included the hashtag "stand with gayle," though it does not appear that others are using it.

A few minutes later, Schumer posted a screenshot of one of the top comments on her photo of King. In it, a fan noted that Schumer was likely referring specifically to King's response to the controversy, not just the controversy itself.

In an interview with WNBA star Lisa Leslie on Wednesday, King brought up sexual assault charges leveled against Bryant in 2003. She asked if these allegations "complicated" Bryant's legacy, and Leslie said that she had never known Bryant to be aggressive with women.

However, on Thursday King elaborated further in a video on Instagram, saying that the clip was "totally taken out of context and when you see it that way, it's very jarring."

"I know that if I had only seen the clip that you saw, I'd be extremely angry with me too," she said. "I am mortified, I am embarrassed and I am very angry."

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Schumer's commenter, Jaimie Wilson, guessed that Schumer was supporting King's attempt to clarify her remarks, not simply the remarks themselves. By posting a screenshot of the comment, most assumed that Schumer was affirming this.

Still, there were those that thought King was still out of line bringing up the assault allegations all these years later, and so soon after Bryant's death. Some were even more angry to see Schumer weighing in as a white woman.

"She didn't have to ask the question to begin with," one person wrote. "She chose to. There have been dozens of interviews since the incident that didn't involve any of these questions directly or indirectly. It's out of line, unnecessary and disrespectful."

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In 2003, a 19-year-old hotel employee accused the then-25-year-old Bryant of sexual assault in Eagle, Colorado. Bryant admitted to having an adulterous encounter with the woman, but claimed that he had believed it was consensual. After several months, the accuser decided not to testify in court and the case was dropped. She then filed a separate civil lawsuit, which she and Bryant settled out of court.

Bryant passed away last month in a helicopter crash in southern California, along with his 13-year-old daughter and seven others. Many fans feel it is not the time to bring his assault case back up while they are mourning the NBA icon.