Man Changes Name to 'John Cena' After Drunken Dare

A man from the United Kingdom legally changed his name to 'John Cena' after losing a bet. [...]

A man from the United Kingdom legally changed his name to "John Cena" after losing a bet. According to The Sun, Lewis Oldfield, 23, was drunk when he made the decision, and it all started when he was hanging out with his friends.

"We'd had a few drinks and were play-wrestling. We were just messing around, pretending to do announcements like in WWE and one of my friends was introducing John Cena," Oldfield said. "One thing led to another and they dared me to change my name to John Cena." The former Oldfield initially considered getting a tattoo with Cena's name but then decided to go all out and be "John Cena."

"I was going to get a tattoo saying it but did this instead. I always follow through with dares so I just did it," he told The Sun, adding "I'm not even a wrestling fan!" In order for Oldfield to change his name, he had to pay $55 and fill out six legal documents. Oldfield also purchased a new passport that cost him $104.

"I actually don't mind the name so I'm going to keep it," he said. Cena hasn't reacted to the news yet, but he's been busy with other projects. He can currently be seen in the new movie F9, and WWE fans learned that he's returning to the ring very soon. Earlier this month, Cena spoke to Chris Van Vliet about possibly making a heel turn based on what Roman Reigns is doing right now.

"I think this is the beginning to showcase the fact that it's possible," Cena said. "Now as WWE invests and builds its roster, it has a wealth of talent and truly has many anchors to the ship now. Certainly [with] Roman being a very, very marketable and definitive star. I think the reason for me not to explore that side is because WWE didn't feel confident they had any alternative [top star in the company]. And I respect that business choice, I really do. But now with them really laying their foundation for the future, even for life in the next decade or so, maybe... maybe. I don't know."