Ivanka Trump's Post-Super Bowl Outfit Choice Might Be a Tribute to the Chiefs

Ivanka Trump seemed to give a shout-out to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday, sporting red on her way to work. The White House advisor was photographed in Washington, D.C. wearing a beige outfit with distinctive red trim. Many assumed this was a nod to the new champions.

Ivanka was an imposing sight on Monday in an outfit made entirely of just two colors. In photos published by The Daily Mail, she can be seen wearing a red and beige coat over a red and beige top, with knee-high beige boots to match.

The 38-year-old had a red turtle neck collar perfectly matching the inside of her jacket's folded lapels. The coat was cinched at the waist with a tan tie, and the sleeves were folded up past her wrists, revealing the red lining. Even the bottom of the trench coat showed a red interior when Ivanka walked.

Viewers speculated that this ensemble was meant as a shout-out to the Chiefs, who won Super Bowl LIV on Sunday night. The team's colors are red and gold, and Ivanka's beige was a close approximation of the latter, though admittedly her family is not known for toning it down when it comes to gold.

There is no telling who Ivanka Trump was rooting for in the Super Bowl, as she has no significant ties to either Kansas City or San Francisco, California, where the 49ers hail from. Her father, President Donald Trump, posted his congratulations for the Chiefs when the game was over, but he incorrectly wrote that they are from Kansas City, Kansas, not Missouri.

By all appearances, the president's post was a mistake, as he deleted it a few minutes later. He posted the exact same message again, simply replacing "Missouri" with "Kansas." The president's detractors took this as a chance to condemn him online.

"I urge the people of Kansas and Missouri to think about this in November. He doesn't know who you are. He doesn't know where you live. He doesn't know anything about you," wrote comedian Mike Birbiglia.


The president's supporters fired back with defenses, saying that the people of Kansas still supported the Chiefs in the Super Bowl. Still, it did not negate the fact that the president had made such an error about his constituency on social media.

The Trump campaign ran a TV ad during the Super Bowl, which cost about $10 million, according to a report by Politico. The commercial may be the first glimpse of general election season, which will begin as the Democratic primary field narrows.