Isaiah Wilson Tweets That 'He is Done With Football as a Titan'

First-round draft pick Isaiah Wilson surprised NFL fans on Monday night. He tweeted a message about his future in Nashville, Tennessee. Wilson wrote that he is "done with football as a Titan" before ultimately deleting the tweet.

While Wilson deleted the tweet, it quickly made the rounds on social media. Several people took screenshots of the message and then posted it on their own accounts. Wilson only played four snaps for the Titans after landing with the team as the 29th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft. The team ultimately placed him on the non-football injury list in December.

Wilson has made headlines during his brief NFL career due to incidents away from the football field. He violated COVID-19 rules and attended an off-campus party in August. This party at Tennessee State University caught the attention of campus police. When they arrived at the party, Wilson came close to jumping off a second-story balcony to avoid getting caught. He ultimately received a trespass warning.

Prior to the team's first game, Wilson ran into more legal issues. He was arrested in September for driving under the influence. An eyewitness report said that Wilson was doing donuts in an intersection on Sept. 11. He lost control of the vehicle and hit a concrete wall. Wilson blew a .107 and .113 after authorities pulled him over, which exceeded Tennessee's Blood Alcohol Content limit of .08.

Following the season, Wilson turned heads once again by partying on a packed boat in Miami. Sports anchor Steve Layman posted a screenshot from Instagram Stories that showed the former first-round pick shirtless on a boat. He danced on a deck covered in dollar bills while a female danced nearby with bills shoved in her bikini. Layman said that this party was taking place in Miami and that the actions would "raise some questions." The post was one in a series that started with Wilson in a car headed toward the party.


Titans general manager Jon Robinson answered questions about Wilson during a February media availability. He said that the team has not spoken to Wilson since placing him on the non-football injury list. Robinson also explained that the former first-round pick would have to make a determination about whether he wants to do what it takes to play in the NFL.

"I know what the expectation level is here, and it's no different than any other player on the football team," Robinson said, per ESPN. "We have a certain standard that we want players to prepare and perform at professionally, and as people, and there's a lot of work to be done there."