Isaiah Wilson, Titans First Round Draft Pick, Parties on Packed Miami Boat Amid Recent Troubles

The Tennessee Titans selected Isaiah Wilson with a first-round pick during the 2020 NFL Draft in an effort to bolster the offensive line. However, the former Georgia player made headlines for off-the-field issues before stepping away from the NFL. Now he has sparked more comments by partying on a packed Miami boat.

Sports anchor Steve Layman posted a screenshot from Instagram Stories that showed the former first-round pick shirtless on a boat. He danced on a deck covered in dollar bills while a female danced nearby with bills shoved in her bikini. Layman said that this party was taking place in Miami and that the actions would "raise some questions." The post was one in a series that started with Wilson in a car headed toward the party.

Following the NFL Draft, the Titans signed Wilson to a four-year rookie contract worth $11,568,389. The deal included a $5,973,376 signing bonus and $11,357,982 in guaranteed money. The team has received four snaps in return for the financial investment, which took place during a Nov. 29 game against the Indianapolis Colts.

This party on the boat is not the first time that Wilson has sparked comments away from the football field. He previously attended an off-campus party at Tennessee State University prior to his rookie season and drew the attention of campus police. When the officers arrived, Wilson contemplated jumping off a second-story balcony in order to avoid them.


One month after the infamous party, Wilson ran into legal issues once again. He was arrested for driving under the influence. An eyewitness report said that Wilson was doing donuts in an intersection on Sept. 11. He lost control of the vehicle and hit a concrete wall. Wilson blew a .107 and .113 after authorities pulled him over, which exceeded Tennessee's Blood Alcohol Content limit of .08.

According to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office, Wilson was arrested at 11:29 p.m. on Sept. 11. He was bonded out the following morning at 1:29 a.m. The arrest prompted a statement from the organization. "We are aware of the situation. This is not conduct that is indicative of the character of our football team and we are working through details on how to proceed," the Titans said.