Iconic Tiger Woods Chip-In Resurfaces Amid Crash Updates

Tiger Woods is at home recovering following a single-car rollover crash on Feb. 23, making him unavailable for The Masters. However, the fans are continuing to highlight his biggest moments while watching 2021's tournament. Some are specifically highlighting his iconic chip-in from 2005.

This iconic shot took place during the final round of the 2005 Masters Tournament. Woods chipped the ball from the rough, and it headed toward the hole. The crowd made excited noises as the ball came to a rest at the edge, sitting idle before ultimately falling in. Woods pumped his arms in celebration while the crowd roared its approval. The golfer went on to win the fourth green jacket of his career after holding off Chris DiMarco.

"With that many people watching me there's no doubt I'm blading that ball into the water, incredible stuff by tiger," one golf fan commented after rewatching the clip on Twitter. Several others weighed in and echoed this sentiment, using the chip-in as an example of Woods' greatness. Others said that he singlehandedly created the perfect commercial for Nike with that one shot.

As it turns, this shot was not pure luck. Woods' caddie Steve Williams actually provided more insight into this iconic moment and highlighted another aspect of the golfer's game. He explained that Woods saw something on the green that would help him make the shot.

"There's more to that Tiger hole-out than you probably know," Williams said, per Business Insider. "After Tiger inspected the green and was walking back to his ball, he pointed out an old ball mark on the green. It was the size of a dime, almost fully healed, practically invisible. He said, 'You think if I hit that spot, it'll take the slope without going into the bunker?'


"I told him I liked that play. He then hit that old ball mark exactly, from 20 feet away from a tough lie. That the ball went in the hole was sort of a miracle, but hitting the old ball mark on the fly was one of the most amazing things I've ever seen."

When Woods attempted the shot, CBS commentator Lanny Wadkins said that he would have a hard time getting within 15 feet of the hole. However, Woods' plan to hit the old mark worked out perfectly, and he nailed the chip-in shot. The moment caught everyone by surprise, including commentator Verne Lundquist, who yelled, "OH WOW!" 16 years later, the shot remains one of golf's greatest moments.