Heartwarming Tom Brady Moment With 7-Year-Old Fan Resurfaces

A heartwarming video featuring Tom Brady from 2017 just resurfaced online. The video is from Super Bowl LI Media Day, and Brady is seen answering a question from a 7-year-old fan named Joseph. The question Joseph asked is who is Brady's hero, which led to Brady getting very emotional. 

It's clear that Brady has a very close relationship with his father. However, Brady also likes to poke fun at him, especially when he's learned that Tom Brady Sr. has talked to the media about him. "I love my dad," Brady told WEEI at the time, per Insider. "As any parent knows how much you love your kids. My dad has been my best friend my entire life. He's always been my No. 1 supporter. Hopefully he's at the game cheering me on. 

"He's great man and I love him to death. He's taught me everything about life. Certainly about how to be a father because he's been the best one a son could ever ask for. I try to pass those things on to my kids because he was so supportive of not only me but my three sisters were all great athletes in their own right. My mom, they're still married after close to 46 years. I've been very, very fortunate."

At that time, Brady led the New England Patriots to a Super Bowl despite missing the first four games of the season due to him being suspended for the deflategate situation. Brady Sr. ripped NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for saying that it would be an "honor" to hand the Lombardi Trophy to Brady if the Patriots win the Super Bowl. 


"It should be an honor, because somebody that has Roger Goodell's ethics doesn't belong on any stage that Tom Brady is on," Tom Brady Sr. told KRON-TV in San Francisco. "He went on a witch hunt and went in way over his head and had to lie his way out in numerous ways, and the reality is that Tommy never got suspended for deflating footballs. He got suspended because the court said that he could — Roger Goodell could do anything he wanted to do to any player for any reason whatsoever. That's what happened. The NFL admitted they had no evidence on him." The Patriots went on to defeat the Atlanta Falcons in the Super Bowl, so despite the bad start for Brady, it turned out to be a very good season.