'Happy Gilmore': 'Shooter McGavin' Responds to Adam Sandler's 25th Anniversary Golf Shot

Tuesday marked the 25th anniversary of the beloved golf comedy, Happy Gilmore. Actor Adam Sandler celebrated the occasion by heading to the golf course and showing off his legendary swing. A short time later, co-star Christopher McDonald (Shooter McGavin) responded with a video of his own.

"Nice drive, Gilmore," McDonald said in the video. "25 years, huh? Let's see if it's Shooter's Tour. Check it out." The actor then placed his camera on the ground and revealed a glass sitting on its side in front of a fireplace. He lined up to putt and tapped the golf ball in. "Drive for show, putt for the dough," McDonald added.

With the shot complete, the actor turned and thanked all of the fans, as well as Sandler. He reflected on the 25th anniversary of the fan-favorite film while staying in character. He also took the opportunity to offer a challenge to his fellow actor.

"Why don't you just meet me at the ninth green at 9, Gilmore?" McDonald continued. "A little secret of the pros. Ok? Oh, and Gilmore, wear something nice. 25th anniversary, baby. Shooter out."

While McDonald's putt took place in a cozy living room, Sandler's drive occurred at a golf course. The actor-director set down his phone and delivered a message to his co-star. "Ok, it's been 25 years since I've done this," Sandler said into his camera.

The actor then backed away from the camera and headed toward the tee, lining up for his drive. "Let's see what happens. I'm scared. Shooter McGavin, this is for you." Sandler then went up to the golf ball with his signature move and launched it down the fairway. "And I'm not lying to you, that is smashed! Smashed!" Sandler finished by delivering his signature laugh.

Several people responded to Sandler's video celebrating the 25th anniversary of Happy Gilmore and raved about his golf skills. Ben Stiller, the man who portrayed a worker at an assisted living facility, even chimed in. He called the swing beautiful and referred to Sandler as a "loving grandson."


The 1996 film focused on Happy Gilmore, a hockey player with the ability to drive a golf ball hundreds of yards with considerable ease. Though his short game was severely lacking. Needing to win some money, Happy partnered with Chubbs Peterson to make him a well-rounded golfer. He then faced off with McGavin in a high-stakes competition with the Tour Championship and Happy's grandmother's house as the prizes.