Green Bay Packers Are 'Disgusted' With Aaron Rodgers, Reporter Says

It sounds like the Green Bay Packers are ready to move on with Aaron Rodgers. Former Packers reporter Bob McGinn recently told that he's "totally convinced" the four-time NFL MVP quarterback will not return to the team in 2023. 

"They are done with Rodgers," McGinn said, per Fox News. "He's not coming back. I mean, they're disgusted with him, and they're done with him. And they're moving on." McGinn also added that the team thinks highly of Jordan Love as "he's "the second coming now." Rodgers hasn't made a decision on what he's going to do next season as he could return to the Packers, join another team via trade or announce his retirement. He is willing to rework his contract for the 2023 season, which carries a cap hit of $31.6 million. 

It was reported that Rodgers was going to go on a dark retreat, and some NFL executives didn't know what to think of it. "There was eyebrow-raising among a few league or team people I brought this up with, the reaction being: I can see why the Packers would consider trading him. Seems like a good person, but he might be more trouble than he's worth," Peter King of NBC Sports wrote in his Football Morning in America column last week. 

Rodgers, who has been the starting QB for the Packers since the 2008 season, is coming off a challenging season which included the Packers finishing the year 8-9 and missing the playoffs. NFL Insider Tom Pelisserro recently spoke on Rich Eisen's radio show about McGinn's comments and said the Packers could bring back Rodgers. 

"I would say nobody has told me they are disgusted with Aaron Rodgers," Pelissero said, per the New York Post. "I think that it is natural when you give someone an unprecedented type of contract, basically ripping up the remaining contract and giving him what amounts to a three-year, $150 million-plus deal like they did last year, you're anticipating you're gonna get somebody who's fully bought in and is going to play at a really high level, and it didn't work out that way in 2022. He had the finger injury that probably impacted him more than people realized at the time, he had some other injuries he played through."