Goldberg Plotting Another WWE Return: 'Who's Next?'

It sounds like Bill Goldberg is returning to WWE action very soon. The former WWE Champion recently went to Instagram to share his first victory in WCW. However, he also mentioned that more professional wrestling victories could be on the way.

"This was the 1st.....looks like there could be more," Goldberg wrote while using the hashtags, "I'm back" and "Who's next?"

That led to a number of Goldberg fans guessing who his next opponent will be.

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"Hope to see you Live for the 1st time ever at Wrestlemania 36," one fan wrote.

"Bill vs Roman Reigns," another fan wrote.

"Please let it be the rematch with [Hulk Hogan] nearly 22 years in the making," another Instagram user added.

It's uncertain who Goldberg will face, but we have a good idea when he'll be back in the ring. It has been reported that Goldberg will appear on Friday Night SmackDown this week to announce he will appear in the WWE Network event SuperShowdown later this month. As far as who he will face, Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio is reporting Goldberg could be facing Universal Champion Bray Wyatt.

The last time fans saw Goldberg in the ring was last August when he faced and defeated Dolph Ziggler. He also faced The Undertaker at Super ShowDown earlier that year and explained what went wrong in the match.

"I'm not going to make excuses, that's for sure. I'm just going to answer questions and give facts," he said on Booker T's Hall of Fame Podcast via "Facts are the reason why I had that match [with The Undertaker] and took that opportunity, was because it was an opportunity of a lifetime whether I was 22, 52 or 102, you know? Not that it was in Saudi Arabia but because it was against The Undertaker."


"At 52, going against The Undertaker and being Bill Goldberg in the short period of time that I had, I can either do one or two things – I can get in really good shape or I can try to get as big as humanly possible so I don’t look like an old Bill Goldberg against The Undertaker," he continued. "So, it's a compromise; it's always a compromise."

Super ShowDown will take place in Saudi Arabia on Feb. 27.