Gabbi Tuft, Former WWE Superstar, Comes out as Transgender

Gabbi Tuft is opening up about who she really is. The former WWE Superstar released a statement on her social media accounts on Thursday, writing that she is transgender. On her Instagram page, Tuft showed a photo of herself and a large portrait of her when she wrestled under the ring name Tyler Reks.

"This is the side of me that has hidden in the shadows, afraid and fearful of what the world would think; afraid of what my family, friends, and followers would say or do," Tuft wrote. "I am no longer afraid and I am no longer fearful. I can now say with confidence, that I love myself for WHO I am." Tuft went on to write about her journey, indicating the last "eight months have been some of the darkest of my entire life."

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"However, the day I stopped caring about what other people thought, was the day I truly became limitless and allowed my authentic self to come into the light," she continued. Tuft went on to thank her wife, family and friends for accepting her. She also wrote: "I don’t expect everyone to agree or understand. It’s not my place to change any of your core beliefs. Just know that the outer shell may change, but the soul remains the same." On Friday, Tuft will appear on the show Extra and open up more about everything that's going on in her life.

"I promise to always be transparent and truthful with my journey, and to be a light to those that are in need," Tuft wrote at the end of her statement. "This is me." Tuft has been married to Priscilla since 2002. She wrote a heartfelt message to Priscilla earlier this week.


"Not everyone is ready to hear or comprehend this message but just know that ultimate love is found not in the ability to hold tight, but rather in the ability to release what we hold so close and allow the other person to freely experience this human experience," Tuft wrote in the Instagram post. Tuft competed in the WWE from 2008 to 2014 when she retired from wrestling. She was part of the team that won the Bragging Rights Trophy at Survivor Series in 2010. That team included Big Show, Rey Mysterio, Jack Swagger, Alberto Del Rio, Edge and Kofi Kingston.