'For Love of the Game' Streaming: Where to Watch Online

Following actor Kelly Preston's death on Sunday due to breast cancer, fans are revisiting some of her best roles from a longtime career. This includes the baseball drama For Love of the Game, also starring Kevin Costner. Here's where to watch the popular film using streaming services.

For Love of the Game is not readily available as a free streaming option on Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu. Instead, viewers must rent or purchase the film. However, it is available on HBO Max, the new streaming service filled with Friends, all three Mighty Ducks films and Ford v Ferrari. HBO Max is $14.99 per month, but the service does have a free trial for new subscribers.

Those not wanting another streaming subscription can watch For Love of the Game after purchasing or renting the film. YouTube has a $3.99 rental option, but purchasing the film costs $14.99. Renting For Love of the Game on Amazon also costs $3.99, but the online retailer has an HD purchase available for only $6.99. Other rental and purchase options also exist on the Google Play Store, Vudu and the iTunes store, starting at $3.99.

Originally released in 1999, For Love of the Game follows a 40-year-old pitcher Billy Chapel (Costner) who is nearing the end of a long baseball career. As he stands on the mound pitching a perfect game, he begins reflecting on his tumultuous relationship with Jane Aubrey (Preston). She has stood by his side during the good and bad times but is contemplating leaving him for a job in London.


The film released to mixed reviews, with Roger Ebert giving it 1.5 stars and calling it a "step backward" for director Sam Raimi. Other critical reviews have resulted in a 46 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes, but audiences have long expressed adoration for For Love of the Game, pushing the rating to 75 percent.

"So very sorry to hear this sad news. FOR LOVE OF THE GAME (1999), which she starred in with Kevin Costner, is one of my top favorite baseball films," one person commented on Twitter after John Travolta confirmed Preston's death. The fans continued to express their love for the baseball drama following Preston's death. Many said that For Love of the Game is their favorite film from her career while others simply called it the "best baseball movie" or vastly underrated when compared to other sports movies.