Floyd Mayweather Spotted in Packed Arizona Nightclub Amid Ongoing Pandemic

As states across the country are beginning to ease up on some restrictions amid the coronavirus [...]

As states across the country are beginning to ease up on some restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, Floyd Mayweather was seen embracing the lessening of the guidelines while at an Arizona nightclub. The boxer was seen at a Scottsdale establishment called the International Boutique Nightclub as evidenced by an image that surfaced on social media. Members of his team were also at the establishment.

The club didn't appear to have many if any patrons were wearing facial coverings, either. In Arizona, restaurants were allowed to open back up on May 11 despite the state seeing rising positive cases of COVID-19. As of Sunday, the state had surpassed 800 deaths after tacking on another 300 more positive cases. Earlier in the day, Mayweather was seen partying at a hotel in the same vicinity. Mayweather was one of many people across the country, drawing criticism for being out and about during the pandemic as beaches became a hotbed for crowds.

In Florida, Daytona Beach was crawling with guests. The scene saw visitors flocking to the beach as if it were just a regular summer day. Criticism quickly followed, with one user on Twitter writing, "People at Daytona Beach think this s— it a joke," the tweet began. "It's all fun and game till you catch corona and they have a ventilator for your stupid a—." A similar scene emerged in Nashville at a rooftop bar that just opened up as the city began to lift restrictions. This incident drew the ire of social media, as one user commented on the video, writing, "I guess their parents and grandparents are expendable." The video that was shared on Instagram also caught the crowd chanting, "If you don't give a damn, we don't give a f— hey!" The same also occurred at the Lake of Ozarks in Missouri where a wild scene developed as hundreds of people disregarded social distancing guidelines during the Memorial Day celebration.

As of Sunday, more than 95,000 Americans have lost their lives as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. While the country continues to take its hits from the spread of the disease despite loosening guidelines, much attention is placed on the status of a second stimulus check, currently set to appear before the Senate.