Dustin Poirier Booed After Defeating Conor McGregor, Quotes Jay-Z in His Clapback

Dustin Poirier's win at UFC 264 came via a technical knockout in Round 1 as opponent Conor McGregor injured his left leg mid-fight. That outcome did not sit well with many mixed-martial-arts fans, being as they wanted a clean victor. Plus, McGregor is a global superstar with legions of fans; watching him lose was not fun for them, regardless of the outcome. These factors led to a lot of boos directed at Poirier in his post-fight interview, especially once he called the Irishman — who notably insulted Poirier's wife Jolie — "a dirtbag."

"Oh, he (McGregor) did hit me with a good cross, like the last fight. I didn't see it. And he kind of clipped me. [I was] a little bit buzzed, but my legs were still there," Poirier said. "Takedown was easy. He was putting his fingers in my glove and pulling me down to throw the objects. I was trying to let Herb know that. This guy's a dirtbag, man."

Poirer then channeled Jay-Z in response to the boos, saying, "Everybody booing, everybody booing, you can kiss my whole a—hole." This is a spin on Jay-Z's bar from his 2003 hit single "99 Problems," taken from the album The Black Album. In one verse, the artist raps, "I'm like, 'F—critics, you can kiss my whole asshole. If you don't like my lyrics, you can press fast forward." (Jay-Z's protege Kanye West also shared a similar line on his 2010 song "Power" in response to Saturday Night Live parodies.)


While Poirier technically won the third bout in this trilogy of fights, there might be another on the horizon. Since this one did not end with a clear victor, UFC president Dana White wants a rematch whenever McGregor is healthy. There is no timeline on McGregor's recovery as of press time.