Denver Broncos Fill Stands with 'South Park' Characters for Game vs. Bucs

The Denver Broncos hosted Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday afternoon at Empower Field. Only 5,700 fans could attend the game due to COVID-19 concerns, but a particular group of animated fans joined them for the battle. Several characters from South Park took up seats at the stadium.

The Broncos Twitter account posted a video on Sunday afternoon that showed the unique additions to the stadium. There was a background showing the South Park skyline while several characters sat in the seats. Cartman, Kenny, Kyle and Stan took center stage due to being the main characters on the long-running animated series. Randy Marsh also joined them on the front row while other side characters sat in the background.

"That's fire. Fan base just got a whole lot better lmao," one fan commented on Twitter after seeing the additions to the crowd. Others agreed with this sentiment and said that the Broncos deserve to win after embracing the Colorado-based show. However, one fan wanted to know what would happen if a football flew into the stands and decapitated the Kenny stand-in. Would the announcer yell: "Oh my God, he killed Kenny!"?

The Broncos are only the latest team to take a unique approach to fill the stands with fake fans, but the viewers at home ultimately chose to express their appreciation for the move. Cardboard cutouts of real people definitely provide an opportunity for ticket holders to show up to the games, but adding animated characters creates a memorable experience.

Of course, having the Broncos use a series based in Colorado created questions about other teams and their fake fans. Many Twitter users wanted to know if other franchises would follow suit. Will the Baltimore Ravens use characters from The Wire? Will the gang from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia take in some Eagles games?


There are countless options for multiple franchises as long as coronavirus restrictions remain in place — although the New York Giants could have the most popular characters to fill the stands. One game alone could feature the casts of Friends, How I Met Your Mother and Seinfeld. Having Ross sit next to Jerry and Barney would create a very odd sensation for many members of the fanbase watching at home. There would be several ways to mix and match the various characters to provide moments of entertainment.