Danica Patrick Reveals Her 'Word of the Year' in Emotional Instagram Note

Danica Patrick is ready to take 2020 head-on and she has one word that will help her get through every day. On Instagram, the former NASCAR star posted a photo of herself in the snow and wrote a long caption about her word of 2020, explaining why she started doing the word of the year.

"2020 word of the year - Feel," Patrick wrote. "For about 6-7 years I have had a word of the year. They are extremely powerful. It is easier to see when I look back than it is during. Making big fundamental changes in our life takes time, sometimes more than a year, but a year is enough to cultivate wonderful new patterns. So, just trust the process and know that whatever word comes to you is the right one.

"Sometimes it brings sadness or pain or changes, but it is exactly what is needed to evolve...... to evolve into something you have always wanted to be or do more of or be brave enough to do or allow or.... to just be more of your true self. "

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Patrick went on to say "to feel" is something she wants to do more this year and beyond.

"It's an action I have been pretty, no really, good at not doing. I have a lot of fire in me and have always been rewarded for what that accomplishes," she went on. "But there is a lack of balance and I want to improve that and love and respect ALL of me. It's time to feel my emotional body, acknowledge it and use the messages its sending me. You know when you get a feeling in your stomach or chest?.... that's the emotional body giving you information!"


2019 was a good year for Patrick. Along with supporting her boyfriend, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Patrick launched her podcast, in which Rodgers was a guest. She was a racing analyst for NBC's coverage of the Indy 500 and appeared in the film Charlie's Angels as a driving instructor. This year, Patrick will continue to focus on her podcast, but it's very likely she will be at the Packers game on Sunday as Rodgers and the rest of the team take on the Seattle Seahawks in the divisional round of the playoffs.