Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Wife Amy Organize Birthday Parade for Daughter Isla

Dale Earnhardt Jr. and his wife, Amy, may not be able to hold large gatherings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but that did not derail their recent celebration of daughter Isla's birthday. Instead of having a large party, Amy organized a massive parade. Both Earnhardt and his daughter were stunned by the response.

The longtime NASCAR driver posted a video on his Instagram profile that showed Isla standing in the bed of a pickup. He then zoomed in on the driveway, which was filled with a long line of vehicles. There were trucks holding people in birthday hats, a man on a motorcycle and several SUVs. Many of the vehicles also had large assortments of balloons tied to the side mirrors to truly make the parade celebratory.

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"What an unexpected amazing thing I saw today. It's our little girls birthday. So my incredible wife thought to have a birthday parade for her since a gathering was out of the question," Earnhardt wrote on Instagram. "Our friends brought their A GAME. Listen to Isla. 'Wow' 'My goodness' She said what we all felt. My heart is full."

According to a post on Amy's Instagram, the celebration was a major success. Isla got to celebrate her second birthday, and she ate some tasty treats. Having friends and family members hold a massive parade in her honor just made the day even more special. The young Earnhardt child also told her mom that she had a "super happy Birthday."

"We had a wonderful day celebrating our tiny girl. Happy 'I be 2' to you my love!" Amy wrote in the caption of her post. "Thank you SO much to all of our friends and family that came to make her day so special. Afterward she told me she had a 'super happy Birthday.'"


With Isla's birthday celebration complete, Earnhardt and his wife can continue planning for the new addition to their family. Amy surprised her husband in April by revealing that she was pregnant with their second child. He returned the favor by surprising her with the gender of the child.

"She got to surprise me with the pregnancy, so I get to surprise her with the news!" Earnhardt said in the video on Instagram. "I'm so excited!" Amy was then shown opening up a box of infant shoes. The shoes were pink, which meant that Isla will soon have a younger sister.