Dale Earnhardt Jr. Surprises Wife Amy With Baby Gender Reveal

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was very surprised to hear the news of his wife Amy being pregnant with their second child. The news was shared on Amy's Instagram page, and it has led to the NASCAR legend to returning the favor. This past weekend, Earnhardt went to Instagram to reveal he found out the baby's gender before Amy. In the video, Earnhardt has a package that has a pair of baby shoes inside, similar to what Amy gave him a couple of years ago.

"She got to surprise me with the pregnancy, so I get to surprise her with the news!" the two-time Daytona 500 winner said in the video he recently shared on Instagram. "I'm so excited!" Amy is seen opening the package with the help of Isla, who turns 2 at the end of the month, and revealed a pair of pink shoes inside. This means the Earnhardt family will be welcoming another baby girl later this year. The Earnhardts made the announcement of the second child in March. And during a recent episode of Dale Jr. Download, he revealed how excited he was of having another baby.

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"I'm looking forward to going through that role process again and to have another human in our house," Earnhardt said, per MSN.com. "The first two years with Isla have been incredible, and I can't wait for that experience all over again and to see them two together, interact with each other, will just be so much fun."

The one concern for Earnhardt is Amy having the baby during the coronavirus pandemic. Earlier this month, Earnhardt was on Today and he said: "Well, you know, everybody's experience with the virus, and how it's changed society, is different. It's challenging for women who are pregnant or expecting, especially in this time when nonessential hospital visits aren't really allowed or are not preference or priority. So, we haven't been able to go to the hospital to do the typical things that you do, blood tests and all those things."


When Earnhardt talked to Today, he said Amy was "doing really well." He's also happy Amy is not having the baby now the hospitals all over the country are overwhelmed with coronavirus patients. Earnhardt explained: "We're delivering in October but imagine expecting and delivering around this time. A lot of these women are having to change the game up a little bit and not experience this process the way they hoped. That's got to be very tough and frustrating. My heart goes out to them."