Cowboys Center Joe Looney Introduces 'Puppy Dak' Service Dog

The Dallas Cowboys just added a new member of the team that can compete with quarterback Dak Prescott for being best at playing catch. However, this new competitor has four legs instead of only two. The Cowboys have now added a puppy named Dak as an honorary team member, and he will be serving the role of a service dog in training.

Revealed on Wednesday by tackle Joe Looney, Dak is a young service dog that is training with Canine Companions. His future job will be serving the needs of a military veteran. In order to achieve this goal, Dak will be spending 18 months going through training.

First off, however, the puppy will be spending time with Looney and playing catch on the practice field. Socialization training will be on the horizon but carrying around a Mickey Mouse toy was more important when the video was created.

"All right, Dak, here we go man," Looney said. "We've got a tough week this week, man. I'm gonna need everything from you. We are gonna come out here, we are gonna practice a little catch. I'm gonna need everything from you, we need you this week, bro."

The Cowboys did not reveal whether or not Dak will be spending time in the team facility as opposed to the Baylor Scott & White Kinkeade Campus, but it is a possibility. Bringing service dogs to professional franchises is becoming more popular in recent months. The NHL, in particular, has 10 teams with service dogs in the building.

The Nashville Predators, Arizona Coyotes, Minnesota Wild, Montreal Canadiens, New York Islanders, Ottawa Senators, St. Louis Blues, San Jose Sharks, Tampa Bay Lightning and Washington Capitals are all teams with dogs.

Back in early August, the Lightning introduced Bolt, a yellow lab that was joining to be a team ambassador. The puppy would be spending time with the NHL team prior to becoming a full-time service dog. Bolt joined the team by way of the Southeastern Guide Dogs and is scheduled to be a member of the Lightning for a full year.


Will young Dak remain with the Cowboys and usurp Prescott in his role as a catch specialist? The answer is unknown, but Looney would likely enjoy continued time with the young service dog in training.

(Photo Credit: Steven Ryan/Getty)