Christian Cage Insults Late Luke Perry Again Amidst Feud With His Son

Christian Cage just took another shot at the late Luke Perry. On AEW Dynamite, the 49-year-old professional wrestler was cutting a promo ahead of his match against Jungle Boy (real name Jack Perry) at AEW Revolution this Sunday. It's been documented that Jungle Boy is the son of Perry, and Cage decided to insult the Beverly Hills 90210 star who died of a stroke in 2019.

"At the EOD the reality is you're just your father's son. Just like your father, you're a no-talent hack that should be thankful you've hot Hollywood good looks to get through life cause this business is not for you, kid. You don't have the guts..." Cage said to Perry.   

Cage's comments come months after he insulted Jungle Boy by mentioning his father in another promo. While on AEW Dynamite in June, Cage took multiple shots at Perry. "I think she (Rachel Sharp) saw her knight in shining armor go off into the sunset. I think she was a little sweet on Christian Cage if you know what I mean," Cage said. "I think she wanted me to be Jungle Boy's father. And here's the thing, I know Jungle Boy looked at me like a father figure. He sure did. But here's the thing, Jungle Boy: I never wanted to be your father. I never wanted to be your father figure. You have a father. But your father's dead — and that's probably a good thing, Jungle Boy because he'd be embarrassed and ashamed to see how you turned out."

Cage made his All Elite Wrestling (AEW) debut in March 2021. He turned heel last year after attacking Jungle Boy in a June episode of Dynamite. The match on Sunday will be Cage's first match since beating Jungle Boy at All Out in September. He has reportedly been out of action since due to an undisclosed injury. 

"You're a dime a dozen," Cage said of Perry, per Wrestling Inc. "I, on the other hand, am a one-of-one. Unlike you and your generation treating my business like a video game, I treat my business like an ATM machine, and I'm not done milking it dry! This needs to end, Jungle Boy. I've got a challenge for you, but it's not for a wrestling match. It's for a fight. No rules, no regulations, just a fight. The sad reality, Jack, is if you choose to show the end of the day, you're just your father's son."